History of American Bulldog

​ In colonial America, bulldogs were used by butchers and even engaged in baiting contests with bulls, bears and buffaloes. The modern American Bulldog can trace it's roots to remnants of the original Bulldog that managed to survive as farmers' catch-dogs in isolated pockets of the Southeastern United States.

Their original purpose on these Southern plantations and ranches was personal and property protection and as an aid in handling large animals such as cattle and hogs. All modern American Bulldogs can trace their roots to four strains from the Alabama and Georgia area.

The American Bulldog became noticed by the public in the late 1980's and began to increase in popularity. A good all-around family pet and guard dog was a thing to be desired. American Bulldogs are powerful, strong willed dogs, but with basic obedience training and early socialization they make good canine citizens!

Happiness starts with a wet nose
and ends with a tail.

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We've got an Olde English Bulldog from Daniel. He is soo handsome, smart, healthy and have an amazing personality! We are in love with our new family Member!

Atlasever Axis

Great dogs wonderful blood lines. They really care about what they produce

Suzanne Brandt

Love the dogs/puppies. Very healthy, strong, intelligent animals. Dan does a wonderful job with all his dogs.

Sue Yarger